Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2


2. My vision is just to show what it looks like to make wine and coffee. In coffee making you need a roaster set a different temperatures based on what your target is like light, medium or dark roasts. In the image you can see the roaster being opened and lay all the beans in the hopper to cool down and oxidize a little bit.

3.The only different would have been if I could actually show unfinished roasted beans vs roasted beans in coffee making progress. People tend to learn more or captivate one’s idea if they see key concepts of the project.

4. I think my project gravitates to my main goal which is explain coffee and wine processes.

5. I think my project gained more value as I took more time to explain its’ main goal which is education of coffee making and wine.

6. My goal was to educated people about something it is not really talked about within normal day conversation but these two drinks are in everyone’s daily life.

7. If I could I would make my project more like a actual and concrete class about how to make coffee and wine. People love to see and touch when learning.