Wk 13 — Essay 2 — Art!

Alex Bonilla-Soto
3 min readNov 29, 2020

At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t really think too much about art and what it meant to me since my major is Aerospace Engineering where everything is so technical. It was just something that was there and didn’t really mean anything to me.

My idea on art has definitely changed this semester and has made me open my eyes to understand that art is everywhere, whether it is a drawing/painting or a design of a building. It’s different and all about perspective from the eye of the beholder.

Art means a way to express yourself and your creativity. It is all around us whether you see it or not. Since my girlfriend is an art major who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I have also learned to appreciate her art too.

My major is Aerospace Engineering where I study the creation of rockets, airplanes, machines, and the engineering behind it. My goal is to work for a company (or create my own company) that works towards a goal, such as building a rocket to go to Mars or using engineering to solve a problem and create a solution. I understand now that my major can relate to art when I am required to design a part or a machine that fits together since design is the first step. Creativity comes in when that design has to meet certain requirements to make sure it makes sense and is the most efficient. It doesn’t matter what major you are in; creativity is all around us.

I think I will appreciate art more in my day-to-day life and understand that there are many forms of art that are seen everywhere. As of this year, I have really enjoyed cocktail making which has become a form of art to me to create something fun and tasty. Even in my own city, Long Beach has a ton of art everywhere too. Working with artists and creative people makes you think differently and can definitely make you more of a ‘complete’ human.

If art didn’t exist on Earth, the world would be boring and complacent. Art is what makes things aesthetically pleasing and sparks feelings and emotions with humans. It can be inspiring and change your attitude in your day to day life.

I do agree with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) who says “a great nation deserves great art”, because a great nation showcases art from many different kinds of people that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and makes people think outside of the box. Art can mean great to some, and greater to others since everyone’s perception is different from one another.

I’ve learned a lot this semester including the appreciation of art and …. I will acknowledge and see things in my own life and career that allow me to explore my own creative side of my brain. I think art can bring the good in a lot of people because whenever someone sees something aesthetically pleasing, its’ a game changer. People attitudes changes if there is something good to look at or if the design of a building or house is attractive. I hope in the future I can be more creative in my full time job because design work is very well paid as well.